Optimize Your Operations and Improve Your Bottom Line

For over 65 years collectively, our consultants at Cotney Canada have dedicated themselves to focusing on the unique needs of roofing contractors. We are intimately familiar with all aspects of the roofing industry market, the challenges facing roofing contractors, and how to help roofing businesses of all sizes overcome any and all obstacles. Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or looking to grow your business from a mid-sized roofing company to a ten-million-dollar enterprise, a roofing business consultant with Cotney Canada can provide your company with the experienced, knowledgeable insight you need to grow, maintain, and streamline your operations.

This is because we have hands-on experience and a long track record of managing the business and legal needs for successful roofing and construction companies across North America. We are confident we can overcome the unique challenges facing your roofing business because we have helped countless other companies accomplish the same. We will perform a close analysis of your business, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and implement changes to resolve problems before they ever become major issues. We’ll also help you better organize your projects, manage your cash flow, and track progress so that you can finish jobs on time, within budget, and achieve quality results that generate more business.

Our services offered include the following:

  • COO On Demand: Having an outsourced COO on-standby provides an affordable alternative for roofing businesses looking to address their operating needs. We can provide flexible support for short- or long-term company issues and tackle more expansive needs affecting all parts of a company’s operating structure.
  • Precognitive Analytics: Our technology analyzes your data, reviews billions of key points, and provides you with valuable data insights. You’ll receive a full company evaluation, maintenance check-up, industry data trends, and more.
  • Smartsheet Solutions: As expert Super Users, we’ll show you how to combine the tools within Smartsheet for a simplified user end experience capable of enhancing your business.
  • Coaching Calls: With monthly coaching calls with John Kenney, you’ll receive the “business therapy” you need to grow your organization and create month-to-month, 6-month, and annual plans.