Good news for contractors in the Alberta construction industry – a new initiative is helping fund new construction technologies, products, and methods to aid in greener, more energy-efficient buildings. The even better news is that the results of this initiative will be publicly available for all to use.

A not-for-profit group called the Smart Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure Association (SSRIA) has acquired $3 million from Western Economic Diversification Canada, a federal agency. With those funds, the objective is to help small and medium-sized construction companies adopt new methods to lessen the impact buildings have on the environment. Right now, operating commercial buildings in Calgary and Edmonton account for about 67% of greenhouse gas emissions in those cities.

The SSRIA is currently taking applications and will accept 8-10 participants (teams). The SSRIA is seeking certain products and services to be commercialized, including mechanical and electrical system improvements; materials for walls, roofs and foundations, sensors and lighting products that reduce energy consumption; and software for storing and analyzing building performance on energy efficiency and greenhouse gases. The goal is to have all projects completed by 2023, with the long-term outlook being a mainstream adaptation of the results in all new commercial buildings in Alberta.

Written by Jeremy Power, a lawyer in Cotney Construction Law’s Toronto office. To contact Jeremy, please email

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