Whether you’re doing business in the city of Toronto or Ontario at large, you’re going to be bidding on government projects. Government-funded projects like those listed on Toronto’s Competitive and Non-Competitive Award Results page can be incredibly lucrative endeavors for construction companies able to prove that they are the most appropriate bidder. Unfortunately, government contracts aren’t always awarded to the lowest or most-qualified bidder. That’s when contractors turn to us.

Has a competitor been unfairly awarded a bid, or do you have a dispute with the competitive call process? If so, a Toronto bid protest attorney with Cotney Attorneys & Consultants can be of assistance. Our law firm is dedicated to helping construction companies succeed before, during, and after the bidding process.

A Toronto Bid Protest Lawyer Can Guide You Through the Bid Protest Process

As you know, it takes incredible time and effort to respond to a government agency’s solicitation, whether it’s a Request for Quotation (RFQ), Request for Proposal (RFP), or Request for Tender (RFT). It takes a similar amount of effort to prepare a bid protest. Both the city of Toronto and the province of Ontario have their own set of rules regarding how to prepare and submit a bid protest.

For example, Ontario contractors only have 30 days to file a bid protest including a detailed description of their complaint, whereas Toronto suppliers disputing a competitive call process valued over $100,000 only have 10 days to contact the Chief Purchasing Official. As stated on Toronto’s Pre-Award and Post-Award Bid Dispute Procedure, “Any dispute that is not received in the timelines indicated or in writing will not receive further consideration.” Consult a Toronto bid protest attorney for more information.

And assuming you do comply with a government agency’s bid protest requirements, what are you going to say? Can you prove that a contract was unfairly awarded to a competitor? In order for your bid protest to be successful, it must contain a detailed argument explaining why a contract was not awarded to either the lowest bidder for RFQ and RFT or the highest scoring party for RFP. Although government agencies are meant to award contracts without bias, filing an unjustified bid protest could result in your company being passed up on contracts in the future.

We Want to Help Your Company Succeed

At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, our team of attorneys is adept at helping contractors not only navigate the procurement process but overcome challenges during bid protests. A Toronto bid protest attorney can help ensure that your bid protest is correctly submitted and forms a persuasive argument.

Government contracts are the main source of revenue for numerous construction companies throughout Toronto and Ontario. Don’t allow your company’s revenue to be jeopardized by an unfairly awarded contract. Contact Cotney Attorneys & Consultants for an ally who will safeguard your company’s success and right to work on government contracts.

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