Construction professionals have to actively contend with a wide variety of issues within the construction industry, from delayed payments to construction defect claims. Having an attorney by your side throughout every phase of the construction process can not only help to effectively and efficiently resolve these issues but, most importantly, prevent them.

Our Montreal construction law firm dedicates itself to serving members of the construction industry by providing an extensive selection of legal services, including defence against construction defect claims, contract negotiation, drafting, and review, and defence against license complaints. If you are currently dealing with these concerns or simply looking for a qualified team prepared to take care of your legal needs, contact an attorney from Cotney Canada.

Tackle Legal Matters With a Montreal Construction Law Attorney By Your Side

When you partner with a Montreal construction law attorney from Cotney Canada, you’ll be gaining a trusted legal partner that you can turn to at any time. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in construction legislation and can help you navigate through it on a daily basis by combining their knowledge with extensive experience of working professionally in the industry. Some of the services we offer include the following:

Payment Dispute Resolution

We know how important steady cash flow is to the success of any construction business, which is why we’ll work diligently to find a solution to ensure your business is paid for work performed or materials provided. Whether this entails registering a construction legal hypothec, sending a demand letter, negotiating, or filing a lawsuit, we’ll move forward with the best plan of action for you to collect payment on your construction projects with as little disruption to your business operations as possible.

Contract Services

When one provision of a construction contract could be the difference between whether or not you’ll encounter a serious legal dispute during the course of your project, it becomes far too important not to let a poorly-written contract slip under the radar. An attorney from our Montreal construction law firm can help ensure your contracts clearly define payment schedules, project scope, and project expectations to prevent future disputes and avoid miscommunications.

Licencing Procedures and Litigation

If you’ve received a complaint against your license or you’ve been accused of contracting without a proper license, you’re running the risk of losing your right to work. At Cotney Canada, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that your contractor’s license and right to work are defended. To learn more about any of the comprehensive legal services provided by a Montreal construction law attorney, give us a call.