The construction industry requires professionals to work together to accomplish incredible feats in design, building, and construction. In some cases, their productivity and accomplishments can come to a screeching halt when they face a dispute. Construction disputes occur for a variety of reasons. Some arise from an issue with the contract. Others stem from a nonpayment issue or the quality of the work.

Although a construction attorney will put their best foot forward to help their clients avoid disputes, when they do arise, construction professionals require a solution. A Toronto construction dispute attorney with Cotney Construction Law will proactively facilitate a resolution to your dispute. Whether its alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services, litigation, or a demand letter, our attorneys are highly experienced at resolving disputes.

3 Common Ways a a Toronto Construction Dispute Lawyer Seeks a Resolution

Some disputes are inevitable in construction. If you are experiencing a dispute, consult a Toronto construction dispute lawyer before taking action. An attorney will listen to your side of the story, review your contract, and outline your legal options for seeking a resolution.

The Demand Letter

One of the most affordable and effective methods of resolving a payment dispute is to send a demand letter to the party that owes outstanding payment. Our Toronto construction dispute attorneys can craft a strongly worded demand letter on behalf of construction professionals that clearly outlines their case. When the other party receives a formal document with a legal letterhead at the top of the page, they know that the other party has initiated the process to seek a resolution. At Cotney Construction Law, we offer subscription plan members unlimited demand letters at a fixed, monthly price.

Arbitration and Mediation

Some disputes will need to be resolved in person. For clients that would prefer to avoid the costs associated with litigation, arbitration and mediation are two excellent options. Mediation is a great resolution process for parties with a business relationship they want to keep intact. It allows both parties the opportunity to present their side of the dispute and find a compromise. Arbitration is the best option for reaching a legally binding decision, minus the constraints and long timeline to resolve the dispute associated with litigation. When you partner with a construction attorney through all phases of a project, they can review your contracts and make certain that it features an ADR clause, providing you with this outlet for resolving disputes.


Although we consider litigation a last resort for resolving disputes, some disputes will need to be resolved through a court system. At Cotney Construction Law, our attorneys understand both the construction and litigation process. Our attorneys are highly experienced and knowledgeable in construction-related laws and can diligently represent clients’ best interests before the courts. If you are involved in a dispute and litigation is the only means of resolving the issue, consult our Toronto construction dispute lawyers.

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