As a construction professional, you’re familiar with the complexities, constraints, and demands associated with working in the construction industry. Between collecting owed payments, drafting demand letters, and reviewing contracts, contractors often need to have a construction attorney by their side. Having one that is knowledgeable in construction law and has the real-world experience necessary to assist with any of practical issues you may come across is a plus. Partnering with a Montreal construction attorney well versed in navigating this complex web of regulations can also provide peace of mind and help prevent disputes before they ever occur. Act fast to protect the future of your business by investing in the comprehensive legal services provided by Cotney Canada.

What Services Are Provided By Our Montreal Construction Attorneys?

As a law firm dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services to construction professionals in Québec, we’re prepared to tackle any issue you may be facing with precision and perseverance. Here is a brief overview of just a few of the core legal services provided by our Montreal construction attorneys:

Dispute Resolution

If there’s one thing construction professionals are familiar with, it’s the length of time, cost, and headaches associated with resolving a construction dispute. From licensing complaints to defect claims, there’s no shortage of conflicts you may come across on a daily basis. Fortunately, when you partner with an attorney from Cotney Canada, he or she will do everything in their power to resolve your dispute in a cost-effective and time-effective manner.

Contract Services

Don’t let a poorly written contract threaten the livelihood of your business. A Montreal construction attorney can assist you through all phases of a contract, from reviewing and drafting to negotiating on your behalf. We’ll review any of your existing contracts to ensure there are no hidden surprises and make sure all of your future contracts clearly define payment schedules, project scope, and project expectations to prevent miscommunications and potential disputes.

Collection Efforts

Finally, our attorneys are prepared to help secure your right to payment during every stage of the construction process. We know how time-consuming and stressful attempting to collect payment from a client can be, which is why we’ll focus on collection efforts for you while you focus on what you do best. Whether this means sending a demand letter or filing a legal hypothec, we’ll ensure you receive the compensation you’re owed for all of the work you performed on a construction project. To learn more about any of the comprehensive construction law services provided by our Montreal construction attorneys, give us a call today.