Construction professionals face many challenges. From dealing with a dispute to ensuring compliance with government-mandated safety requirements, contractors, subcontractors, and other industry professionals need to have a firm understanding of all their legal requirements on the jobsite and for their business operations, employment practices, and more. At Cotney Construction Law, we are a legal ally for construction businesses, offering the valuable legal advice businesses need to grow and the protection needed to maintain success.

As construction work is highly specialized and features a variety of laws specific to the industry, partner with a law firm that is solely committed to the industry. Our Toronto construction lawyers have the industry knowledge and real-world experience in construction to serve the best interests of construction businesses. Reach out to us today to learn more about our affordable, monthly subscription plan offerings.

Collection Efforts by Toronto Construction Lawyers

Try as you will, some parties that owe outstanding payment will refuse to act until they receive notice from a Toronto construction lawyer. We provide contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and other construction professionals with a litany of legal services that assist their businesses with receiving hard-earned payment. Whether it’s drafting a carefully crafted demand letter with a professional letterhead or preserving a construction lien, our attorneys can help you seek prompt payment on all your projects.

Contract Review Services With a Construction Law Firm

A clear and concise construction contract is the cornerstone of any successful construction enterprise. Contracts provide both parties with their duties and obligations and offer protections if the other party fails to uphold their end of the agreement. Effective contract drafting and review services can quell disputes and address the necessary provisions that protect your best interests. If the other party breaches this legally binding agreement, a well-written contract also provides you with the necessary legal recourse to remedy the issue.

Dispute Resolution Services By Experienced Legal Professionals

Unfortunately, even with an ironclad contract, some disputes are unavoidable. A key contract provision that can save on significant legal expenses is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) clause. Depending on the conflict, there is a legal outlet available that can remedy the issue. Mediation is great for bringing two parties together to find a fair compromise. Arbitration is ideal for clients looking for a legally binding decision without the formalities (and expenses) associated with going to court. In some cases, a conflict can only be remedied through litigation. Regardless, an experienced Toronto construction lawyer guides clients through their legal options to help them find the best legal recourse to resolve their issue.

Whether it’s contract review services, collection efforts, dispute resolution, employment law advice, or defence against safety citations, at Cotney Construction Law, our Toronto construction lawyers are here to provide construction professionals with the core legal services they need to grow and protect their business.

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