Construction disputes arise on projects for a wide variety of reasons, including disagreements on project deadlines, work conditions, the scope of work, non-payment, and more. Ideally, these disputes can be resolved with forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. Many construction professionals prefer these methods over litigation as they offer benefits such as shorter process time, more decisive power, and lower costs.

However, when disputing parties are unable or unwilling to reach an amicable resolution through one of these methods, the dispute will most likely move forward to litigation. If you’re looking to successfully navigate the complex dispute resolution process, protect your best interests, and reach a favorable outcome, you may need to contact a Montreal construction litigation attorney as soon as possible. Our attorneys have handled multiple construction litigation cases involving contractors, subcontractors, developers, and other actors of the industry.

Why Work With One of Our Montreal Construction Litigation Attorneys?

Should the dispute go through the litigation process and get to the hearing, it will be presented in the court of law before a judge. The judge will hear both sides of the dispute before making a decision based on the evidence and arguments presented during the hearing. However, the hearing isn’t the only process involved in litigation. In fact, it is only one aspect of litigation. There’s also, amongst other aspects, the matter of developing a strategy prior to trial or appealing the case if you do not reach your preferred outcome during the course of the trial. For a qualified legal ally who will take you through every step of the litigation process, including filing and proceeding with a lawsuit, you can contact one of our Montreal construction litigation attorneys.

First, we will provide you advice and help you decide whether or not going to court is the right course of action or if you should aim to resolve your case by other means. If you decide to move forward with litigation, we will help you organize witnesses, take their statements, write up pleadings motions, collect depositions, and prepare for pre-trial. Through all of these actions, our attorneys will dedicate themselves to provide the appropriate legal counsel and develop a strategy for your case.

Signs It’s Time to Consult an Attorney

One of the most common flaws construction professionals make in the litigation process is waiting too long to contact an attorney. It can be easy to think that you won’t need an attorney until you’re headed to the courtroom, but an attorney can help you avoid the lengthy and often incredibly stressful process of litigation altogether. Moreover, it is often mandatory for corporations to be represented by attorneys before Québec courts of law. No matter whether your claim has resulted from an alleged negligent design, missed payments, or something else, don’t hesitate to arm yourself with professional and thorough representation by hiring a Montreal construction litigation attorney.