Construction companies have to contend with a wide variety of problems in the construction industry. Some of these problems may occur regularly, while others may occur only once or twice during the course of your career. However, no matter the frequency of legal concerns, it’s absolutely crucial that you be prepared for every possible outcome.

A Montreal construction lawyer from Cotney Canada can be an incredible ally for not only resolving common legal issues but preventing them entirely. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to learn more about how Cotney Canada can provide you with all the legal counsel you need to succeed in this increasingly complex industry, protect your business, and save you money in the process.

The Services Provided By A Montreal Construction Attorney

At Cotney Canada, we’re dedicated to representing professionals across all trades in the construction industry. This means that not only do all our team members have extensive backgrounds in construction, but also they are prepared to navigate any case you may come across during your time in the industry with passion, tenacity, and diligence. Here are just a few of the core services provided by a Montreal construction attorney in the protection of your business:

Dispute Resolution

Whether you’re currently involved in a dispute, think you may soon be involved in a dispute, or are simply looking to prevent future disputes down the line, it’s a wise idea to partner with an attorney from our law firm with an in-depth understanding of the laws that govern the construction industry and the unique challenges you face on a daily basis. While our attorneys would be glad to represent you in a court of law, we’d prefer to help you resolve your dispute as amicably as possible. That’s why our first line of defence is alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services, such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration, in which we will act quickly to achieve a private and favorable resolution for both parties.

Contract Services

To defend against these disputes before they ever arise, a Montreal construction lawyer from Cotney Canada will also provide contract negotiation, drafting, and review services. The ideal contract should clearly define the scope of work, project expectations, and payment schedules so that all parties are on the same page throughout the extent of the project. When you partner with one of our attorneys, we’ll ensure all of your contracts, no matter how small, are clear and concise in their terms and expectations.

Construction Legal Hypothec

A Montreal construction attorney can guide you through the process of securing prompt payment via a construction legal hypothec. We know the prevalence of payment disputes in the industry, which is why we’ll provide you with the necessary legal counsel to avoid similar issues in the future. To learn more about any of our comprehensive legal services, you can consult an attorney at Cotney Canada.