If you’ve been accused of contracting without a proper license, you can consult with a Montreal construction attorney from Cotney Canada who can help protect your reputation and the future of your company. Our law firm has helped countless contractors across North America return to work shortly after becoming entangled in groundless accusations and disputes and will begin to work immediately on the process of clearing your name.

Why You Should Have a Montreal Lawyer By Your Side

Contractors who wish to work in Quebec must be licensed as a general or specialized contractor with the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) before they can bid on any projects and carry out construction work. This includes residential renovations as well. The RBQ issues four classes of licenses:

  • General contractor
  • Specialized contractor
  • General owner-builder
  • Specialized owner-building

In order to obtain a license from the RBQ, contractors have to obtain and complete an application, pass three exams, demonstrate three or five years experience relevant to the subcategory of license applied for, and fill out several other documents such as proof of corporate status and signed and dated balance sheets. Any person who fails to abide by these requirements and performs work without the appropriate license is liable to a fine of anywhere from $10k to $75k in the case of an individual and $30k to $150k in the case of a legal entity.

Montreal contractors are more often than not caught off guard when accused of being unlicensed. They may have mistakenly believed they were performing work that didn’t require a license, received the wrong type of license, or were simply completely unaware of the licensing requirements. Regardless of the reason, you can consult a Montreal construction lawyer for information on the license requirements that apply to you.

Cotney Canada is Prepared to Defend Your Right to Work

Being accused of contracting without a license isn’t the only problem contractors may face. A client may also file a complaint against your license if he or she is dissatisfied with the work you perform on a project. To protect yourself from these potential disputes and more, partner with a Montreal construction attorney who will review the specifics of your case and get to work building a proper defense. Whether you were unaware of the licensing requirements, failed to renew your license, or simply got on the wrong side of a client, we’ll do everything in our power to help you protect your right to work and the livelihood of your business.