Contractors bear the responsibility of ensuring their construction projects are completed in a time-effective and cost-effective manner. This means taking on a plethora of tasks, from keeping up to date with safety regulations and monitoring collaboration across the supply chain to making sure their business is guarded against potential liabilities. When at any given moment, an unskilled worker, delay in payments, material shortage, or breakdown in the supply chain could give rise to a construction dispute, it is helpful to have a lawyer by your side.

As a construction law firm with years of professional work in the industry, we’ve seen first-hand how damaging a dispute can be to the livelihood of your business and your reputation. A skilled Montreal construction lawyer from Cotney Canada has a comprehensive understanding of the issues you’re facing on a daily basis and the legal expertise necessary to reduce risk and grow your business.

The Benefits of Partnering With One of Our Montreal Construction Lawyers

When you decide to partner with one of our Montreal construction lawyers, you’ll be receiving access to a full spectrum of comprehensive legal services based on thorough research and executed with a high level of skill. We’re keenly aware of the unique liabilities, risks, and legal challenges faced by contractors and are prepared to learn the specifics of your case, collect relevant evidence, and work towards building a strategy that yields the best results possible. Whether you’re looking to prevent future disputes or need legal representation or defence in an upcoming legal proceeding, you can schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers.

Contract Negotiation, Drafting, & Review

Before beginning any construction project, it’s crucial that the terms and expectations of all parties are clearly defined by the contract. This document will protect your assets, define the schedule for payments, and determine the method of resolution should a dispute arise on the project. If you’re looking to be confident that all terms and expectations will work in the best interest of all parties and that potential issues will be addressed before the project ever begins, you could benefit from having a knowledgeable construction lawyer draft, review, and negotiate your contracts. We’ve assisted multiple construction industry professionals over the years in reviewing and revising legal documents, such as contractor-owner agreements, developer agreements, terms of use, indemnity provisions, and more.

Dispute Resolution

A Montreal construction lawyer can also help you to examine your options for resolving a conflict, examine the contracts involved, and help you decide on a method of resolution that provides you with the most favorable outcome. We love nothing more than to see professional relationships preserved and disputes dissolve before they ever reach the need for a courtroom battle. No matter the nature of your dispute, we’ll weigh each of your options with respect to cost, formality, and ability to produce a binding outcome before moving forward in your case.

Our Work Doesn’t Stop There

We can also provide safety compliance education, inspection counsel, and tender protest. Above all else, we understand the necessity to keep your construction projects moving forward, and we will work diligently to ensure all of your conflicts are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.