When faced with a dispute, contractors often question which method for reaching a resolution is the best. Litigation, mediation, and arbitration all have their own strengths and weaknesses. However, we feel that arbitration is one of the most effective alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods for resolving a construction dispute.

At Cotney Construction Law, our attorneys champion arbitration as a means of resolving disputes because of the many benefits it affords construction professionals. If you wish to resolve a dispute in a cost-effective and timely manner, you owe it to yourself to speak with a Toronto construction arbitration attorney.

A Toronto Construction Arbitration Lawyer Can Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard

It’s easiest to explain arbitration as the difference between litigation and mediation. Like litigation, arbitration can result in a legally binding decision. But like mediation, arbitration proceedings can be conducted in an informal setting, ensuring that your company’s private business is kept behind closed doors. We see this as the best of both worlds.

During arbitration, arbitrators act as a panel of judges and will grant an arbitration award to a winning party. Unlike mediation, you can win arbitration and you don’t have to wait years for a decision. With an average value of over US $15 million and lasting 15.2 months on average, construction disputes in North America are no joke. Can your company afford to spend over a year defending itself? Even if your stance is completely justified, you could lose valuable time and money that could otherwise be spent completing a project.

A Toronto construction arbitration attorney can assist your company throughout the entire dispute process. Our attorneys can first determine if arbitration truly is in your company’s best interest. From there, we can represent you during an arbitration meeting and hearing, making sure that your voice is heard. By reviewing the specifics of your case, examining all relevant laws, and building a strong argument, an attorney with Cotney Construction Law can help ensure a positive outcome for your company.

Consult Cotney Construction Law For All of Your Dispute Needs

Regardless of the cause of your dispute, a Toronto construction arbitration lawyer can assist you. If you’re involved in a dispute stemming from breach of contract, missed payments, defective design, or any other issue, contact our law office. We are more than capable of representing you during an arbitration proceeding. For a lawyer that will fight for your rights and help ensure that a favourable resolution is reached, consult an experienced lawyer from Cotney Construction Law.

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