At Cotney Construction Law, we are a law firm committed to representing contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and other construction professionals. We know that the industry presents a myriad of challenges, including payment disputes, which is why our law firm focuses solely on serving the needs of construction professionals. If you are owed payment for performing construction services, filing a mechanic’s lien is your best option for securing payment. Consult a Toronto construction lien lawyer to learn more.

File All Your Liens With Our Toronto Construction Lien Lawyers

When a construction professional is owed payment for their work, the most effective tool at their disposal is the mechanic’s lien. There are several reasons why a contractor should partner with a Toronto mechanic’s lien law attorney to effectively place a lien on a piece of property.

Lien Law is Highly Technical

In order to preserve your rights to payment, construction professionals must be an interested party that meets time-sensitive deadlines when filing their lien. Depending on your role on a project, this timeframe for successfully filing a lien can change as well as your requirements. As the lien process is extremely complicated, you can simplify this process by entrusting this service to our Toronto construction lien lawyers. They are highly experienced in securing contractors’ right to payment through a lien. This way you can focus on what you do best — growing your business.

Recent Changes to Toronto Lien Law

In 2019, the province of Ontario made significant amendments to lien law legislation. Whether you’re new to filing a lien or it’s been several years since you were last required to do so, contractors need to have a thorough understanding of the lien process as well as key revisions set forth in Ontario’s Construction Lien Act. If you’re interested in how lien modernization provisions may impact your right to payment, consult a Toronto mechanic’s lien law attorney.

Filing Liens Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

At Cotney Construction Law, we feel strongly that law firms should be transparent about the pricing of core legal services. Through our legal subscription plan model, contractors don’t have to worry about how billable hours will impact what they pay for legal services. We offer fixed, affordable pricing for lien services through several of our subscription plan offerings. This way, you can streamline your collection efforts and your right to payment by utilizing unlimited lien claims, unlimited demand letters, and more. Plus, with access to a construction attorney on-demand, your construction business receives the accurate legal advice you need when you need it.

Whether you need unlimited contract review services for all your projects, the necessary bond arrangements in place for a public project, or a reminder of a notice of nonpayment deadline looming, you can reach out to our Toronto construction lien lawyers at anytime and our legal team will provide you with the valuable legal information and protection your business needs to thrive. Streamline your payment process at an affordable, monthly rate today!

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