A clear and concise construction contract is the cornerstone of any successful construction enterprise in Canada. It defines the duties and obligations of all parties and offers protection in the event that a party fails to uphold their end of the agreement. Effective contract drafting and review services is the key to quelling disputes before they arise and providing you with the necessary provisions to protect your best interests. If one party breaches this legally binding agreement, a well-written contract will also provide you with the necessary legal recourse to remedy the issue and prevent further disputes.

At Cotney Canada, we have extensive experience in reviewing and drafting a wide variety of legal documents and have prepared everything from a one page terms and conditions to a four inch bid package. As part of our contract drafting and review services, we offer a fixed price for drafting contract forms. These contract documents include terms and conditions, contractor-owner agreements, subcontractor-contractor agreements, owner-architect agreements, owner-engineer agreements, engineer-architect agreements, developer agreements, licensing agreements, distribution agreements, teaming agreements, joint venture agreements, supplier agreements, promissory notes, guarantees, releases, settlement agreements, privacy policies, terms of use, workmanship warranties, manufacturer warranties, indemnity provisions, disclaimer provisions, notice provisions, pay when paid clauses, price acceleration provisions, and all types of contract documents. Our team will ensure that all of your contracts are enforceable, allocate risk appropriately, protect the rights of all parties, and are in compliance with the Construction Act.