A contractor’s license ensures that he or she is insured, legitimate, and legally protected. Provincial contractor licensing requirements vary greatly across Canada, and failing to abide by these requirements could mean facing strict penalties. If you’ve been accused of contracting without a license, failing to meet your contractual obligations, or are otherwise facing complaints against your license, you’ll want to reach out to a lawyer from Cotney Canada as soon as possible so that we may review the specifics of your case and build a strong defence to ensure your livelihood is protected.

We respond to investigations from organizations like Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) and argue before the corresponding provincial licensing board on behalf of contractors. We also defend architects, engineers, and other design professionals in front of their governing boards. The types of claims we defend include complaints based on misallocation of funds, judgments relating to the practice of construction, abandonment of a project, improper licensure, failure to obtain permits, fraud, and negligence.