When it comes to construction projects being completed on time and within budget, contractors shoulder much of the responsibility. Between ensuring safety regulations are being followed at all times to monitoring schedules, it can be difficult to guard yourself against liabilities while dealing with federal and local regulations. At any given moment, a construction delay, unskilled worker, delayed payment, or material shortage could give rise to a dispute, bring income to a halt, and threaten your business.

To protect yourself against risks and liabilities and avoid becoming entangled in a dispute with owners, subcontractors, and suppliers, partner with a skilled Toronto contractor lawyer from Cotney Construction Law. We have the expertise and years of experience in the construction industry necessary to understand the issues contractors face and deal with any legal issues you may come across in this increasingly complex industry.

Work With One of Our Toronto Contractor Lawyers

Cotney Construction Law consists of a diverse group of passionate lawyers who possess the education and real-world experience in the construction industry to analyze the specifics of your case and work towards resolving your dispute. We have years of extensive experience working with contractors and are aware of the unique risks, liabilities, and legal challenges they face. Whether you need legal counsel to prevent or resolve issues or need aggressive representation or defence in a legal proceeding, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with one of our Toronto contractor lawyers.

Contract Negotiation, Review, & Drafting

Cotney Construction Law is working to change the way that the construction industry handles risk, legal, and safety challenges by working relentlessly to provide our clients with the comprehensive legal services they need to navigate construction-related matters. One of our core practice areas is contract negotiation, review, and drafting. By seeking the assistance of one of our lawyers to review your documents before you sign that dotted line, you’re taking a necessary precaution against future disputes.

OHS Defence

Our attorneys recognize that prevention of injuries and illnesses on the construction site is a constant challenge for contractors and can help you defend against charges for workplace accidents. Through due diligence, we can help you demonstrate that you had properly disseminated and maintained a system of workplace safety that appropriately addressed the risks which acted as the subject of the prosecutions. The Occupational Health & Safety Act, for example, provides defences to any charge if the employer is able to demonstrate the following:

  • It was not reasonably practicable to comply with the Act
  • The incident was due to causes over which the employer had no control

Dispute Resolution

If a dispute arises on your construction project, a Toronto contractor lawyer can help you examine your opinions for resolving the conflict, depending on the situation and any contracts involved. Whether you choose mediation, arbitration, or litigation, our lawyers will be ready to provide you with the legal counsel and defence to succeed.

Choose Cotney Construction Law

The core areas of service discussed in this article just barely scratch the surface of the legal services offered by Cotney Construction Law. Our Toronto contractor lawyers can offer you a wide variety of legal counsel in anything from claims of lien and licence defence to bid protest and bid defence. We understand the necessity to keep your projects moving forward and will work to have any conflict resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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